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The YLA program is dedicated to the training, mentoring and preparing our next generation of leaders from traditionally underrepresented communities. The Young Leadership Academy (YLA) is designed to inspire and empower students ages 17-25.
The YLA program lasts two (2) summer semesters. Students who complete the program will also finish a community service project, as well as internship hours. Upon acceptance into the program, students go through an intensive work readiness boot camp training and a paid internship. Second Year students will go through an intensive project management and advocacy boot camp training and will be placed with a community service organization to finish a community service project.

Students will who finish this program will acquire enhanced leadership skills and job training.

Students are selected based on responses to an essay application and providing three academic or professional references. Stipends are available to students who demonstrate financial need. Applications for this program will be available in the winter of every year starting in 2016- for the summer of 2016 cycle. Students will be placed in internships in the following sectors:

• Federal Government
• Local Government
• Nonprofit Organizations and Think Tanks
• Political Organizations
• Media Organizations
• Public interest Law

As the students move through the program, their responsibilities and leadership opportunities increase proportionally. Second-year students serve as mentors for first-year students. Third-year students become program Fellows and complete a service project of their choice.

Requirements for completing the program include:

  • Finishing and attending all training courses
  • Interning for at least 30 hours a week during the summer
  • Assisting in the planning and preparation of the National Leadership Conference
  • Presenting and leading  a training session at the National Leadership Conference
  • Serving as a mentor for first and second-year students
  • Completing a service project in their local community

Liberty and Access for All will NOT provide housing or transportation for students. Students will be required to pay and find their own housing and transportation. Liberty and Access for All may provide a list of websites to look for housing. 

studentsFirst Year week long intensive training will include seminars in

  • Effective writing and communication – emails, briefs responding to constituencies and members
  • Project and work management
  • Navigating Washington – Understanding how all political parties, Capitol Hill, the media, nonprofits, and the federal government work in DC
  • Media Boot Camp 101 – writing press releases, op-eds; holding press conferences, pitching stories to the media
  • Training on how to effectively market oneself to for a job or internship in DC: How to write a resume, how to interview well, how to make lasting connections and network
  • Civic engagement 101

The Second Year and Last Year Training

  • Additional training on how to effectively market oneself to get a job or internship
  • Working across party lines and trans-partisan training
  • Planning for Results and how to develop and implement a strong community service project
  • Media Boot Camp 202: Ready for Prime time – How to be camera ready to advocate effectively
  • Effective leadership and coaching
  • Fundraising 101
  • Civic Engagement 202: advocating on behalf of others


Your Support is Needed

Join L+A in offering the best experience for students as they learn the critical skills they need to become valued and essential workforce participants. A contribution of $500 helps L+A develop and deliver high-quality curriculum for one student. Each student is responsible for their own room and board. Washington DC’s high cost of living is a barrier for many students who apply for unpaid internships- which are necessary for building their career. You can help defray the cost of a student’s living expenses with your contribution.


$500 will cover boot-camp training cost for 1 student

$1,500 = one (1) month stipend for one student or

$4,500 = three (3) months stipend for one student

$6,500 will support one student in the program for one summer



Levels of Donation

  • $5,000 and more Founder’s Circle
  • $2,500 -$4,500 Sustainer Circle
  • $1,000-$2,000 Partner
  • $600-$9000 Patron
  • $300-$500 Change Maker
  • $100-$250 Mentor
  • $150 -$99 Friend





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