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Creating lasting leadership and professional development

The Professional Leaders Academy (PLA) is a one-year national non-partisan professional development mentoring and training program. Candidates must have demonstrated interest in taking a leadership role in their respective communities and wish to learn how to effectively advocate on behalf of their communities or take a leadership role in the public sector. PLA is part of the National Leadership Academy.

The Professional Leaders Academy is open to individuals who wish to pursue or are pursuing a career in public service or advocacy, run for office, be a community leader or become a political appointee. Candidates must be 25 or over and have worked in the professional field for at least 5 years .

Training  courses are conducted throughout the year over several weekends. Participants in this program will also be partnered with a mentor will be required to finish a community service project. This program is subsidized, however courses range from $250 – $2,000.00 depending on the package and the course.

To apply to these programs participants must send a resume, a cover letter and three professional references. Application for this program will be available in the fall of 2017

Program participants gain hands-on experience by performing the following activities:

• Media Boot Camp: participants gain the necessary skills required to speak to the media, hold press conferences, write editorials, appear on television, use new media and social media to advance their cause and pitch themselves to media outlets
• Training on how to effectively run for office or get a political appointment (Non- partisan)
• Advanced lessons on how to rise beyond partisan politics and effectively advocating on behalf of their community and their issue
• Fundraising for your cause
• Lead and present for a portion of the conference
• Develop and lead a major service project benefiting their local community.

At the end of each program. Our participants will have a clear plan of action to follow to create personal successful outcomes .