We train and mentor individuals to pursue civil society and government careers that include corporations, nonprofit organizations, political organizations, law firms and media outlets.  

The goal of Liberty and Access for All is to serve our participants by creating programming that:

      Helps participants plan a career and become agents of change.

      Empowers participants by providing them information that prepares them for the job market.

      Assists participants in building social capital that enables them to obtain leadership and responsibility.

      Guides our participants in creating an action plan for success.

L+A program participants are given access to significant personal and professional support while completing the program. The personalized attention and program structure grant participants an optimum environment for success.

These are the lists of program L+A offers:

      Liberty and Access Lab

      Youth Leadership Academy

      Professionals Leadership Academy

      Women’s Leadership Program

 Please visit us at Internships and Opportunities to learn and apply for our current openings