International Women's Day, You Too Can Get Involved

Ideas you can act on today!

March 8th is International Women’s Day. It is a day celebrating the “social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.” What can you do to mark the celebration? Here are a few ideas:

1) Tweet us at @LiberetyAccess with hashtag #international womens day and tell us you how you think women’s leadership can change our world for the better.

2) State Your Opinion: The Guardian is asking readers to tell them “What are the biggest issues affecting women where you live?” Have your voice heard and help them raise awareness regarding “the most pressing issues that women are experiencing around the world, from FGM, to pay inequality, to reproductive rights and misogynistic abuse.” Go to…

3) Show Your Appreciation: Tell your loved ones, neighbors, teachers, classmates or co-workers that you appreciate them. Let them know how they inspire you and positively impact your life. You can also send an e-card through the Oxfam campaign.

4) Donate to Women’s Causes: If you have the means, donate to a cause that you support. Another option is to help women around the world by investing in their futures through a small micro-credit loan of $25. You can do this by visit through hundreds of business and lending $25 to help alleviate poverty in the developing world. Once the loan is re-paid, you can either re-invest your money into another business, or you can take it back.

5) Get Educated: Find a topic that intrigues you and learn about it. If you don’t know where to start, try the International Women’s Day website. . There are hundreds of educational events hosted throughout the month, so search what is going on in your area or on the web to expand your knowledge.

6) Experience the Arts: Go support your favorite female artists by attending a play, a sporting event, a concert, or visiting a gallery or museum. For example, The National Museum of Women in the Arts is currently featuring French female painters; cheer on the DC Rollergirls at the roller derby; or go see Rihanna live.

7) Attend Events: Attend an event in your community honoring women in your area. For example, if you are in Washington D.C. To find events near you, use the event search on: or reach out to your local women’s organizations.

8) Visit the League of Women’s Voters website learn how to be educated and engaged in this election

The opportunities to honor the women that impact your life are endless. Please share how you honored International Women’s Day with us here at L+A. Please do not forget to donate to our Youth Leadership program, where we make sure that young women are an integral part of the leadership table