By Christopher Allen – Communication Director

Graciously hosted by Google at their DC office, our July 13 lab, “How to Get a Job in Social Media, Data-Analytics and Marketing,” featured a panel of professionals who shared valuable lessons gained from careers in the academic, public and private sectors.

The event panel consisted of Alan Rosenblatt, Ph.D, Director of Digital Research at Lake Research Partners; Jamaa Bickley-King, technology and political consultant; Molly Fluet, Account Executive with the Washington Post; Rachelle Grey, Senior Digital Manager at DCI Group; and Zach Wineburg, Account Executive with Google’s Elections and Advocacy group.

Our speakers spoke about the use of social media and data analytics for voter engagement, political campaigns and consumer marketing campaigns. Molly Fluet from the Washington Post shared a story of using micro targeting to deliver a customized message to a specific segment of the population. Allen Rosenblatt from Lake Research partners discussed the ways data analytics can be used to develop accurate polling data, emphasizing that “polling data is as good as the questions asked.” And Zach Wineburg from Google explained how media platforms can help shape campaigns by measuring trends and providing insight to organizers regarding what people think about a certain issue.

L+A was proud to host participants from two of our partner groups: Future Kings and TechGirls. Future Kings is a nonprofit program focused on STEM training for young men from underserved communities. TechGirls, part of Legacy International, trains and mentors teenage girls from Africa and the Middle East in computers and other interactive technologies.

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