Maram Abdelhamid

President and Founder 
is the Founder and Director of Liberty and Access for All. She is a Political and Non Profit Consultant, specializing in strategic program development, government advocacy, campaigns and elections with clients like U.S Department of State, National Democratic Institute (NDI) Liberty Coalition, and Brian Moran for Governor and Creigh Deeds for Governor Campaigns. Ms. Abdelhamid has over 10 years of experience in political organizing, government relations and advocacy. Abdelhamid began her career as a Legislative Assistant to Colorado State Rep Renee Sanchez. She then worked as the National Field Organizer for 21st Century Democrats, Deputy Campaign Manager for Representative Jim Moran of Virginia and served as the National Field and Political Director for the Arab American Institute. Maram Abdelhamid has earned a bachelor’s degree from the University Of Denver in Political Science and Economics.

Keith Parsons

Chairman of the Board of Directors 
Is a civil defense attorney who lives in Washington, D.C. Keith previously was an associate at Cunningham & Associates, PLC and McKinney & Associates, PLLC. He was born and raised in a series of small rural communities in West Virginia and Virginia. He attended Virginia Tech, Rutgers School of Law-Camden, and Georgetown University Law School.

Neeti Kaur

Previously served as the Chief Financial Officer of Organizing for Action; as the Finance & Accounting Manager for the Obama Presidential Inauguration Committee; and as an accountant on President Obama’s 2012 campaign. Prior to joining the campaign, Neeti had a 12-year career in the insurance industry focusing on accounting and data transformation projects as well as external financial reporting. Neeti has a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a certificate in philanthropy and non-profit organizations from Northwestern University. As a first generation immigrant, Neeti strongly believes in the democratic process. She is a long-time resident of Chicago and a keen observer of local politics, which has inspired her to take action to improve her community.

David Williams

Currently serves as the  President of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA).  Williams is an expert on government waste and the budget process.  His television appearances include:  “ABC News with Peter Jennings,” “Hannity and Colmes,” CNN, and Fox News.  He has also appeared on numerous local network affiliates. Williams has appeared on hundreds of radio talk shows from coast to coast, including WBZ in Boston, WGN in Chicago, KABC in Los Angeles, WCBS in New York, and WOAI in San Antonio. During his 20 years in Washington, DC, Mr. Williams has been instrumental in the development of strict criteria to define pork-barrel spending that is used by members of Congress and the media.  Williams has a Masters of Art in Political Science from Villanova University, and a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications from Kutztown University.

Brandon K. Hatton

Works with Airbnb as a Program Director, overseeing the strategic support of policy needs for the startup in priority markets. Mr. Hatton is a native of Dover, Delaware, a small community that stressed the importance of civic participation and advocacy. His experiences within the field of political advocacy are manifold, from his numerous positions throughout Western and Southeast Pennsylvania to the national races of Trinidad & Tobago. Mr. Hatton earned his bachelor’s degree from Hampton University, in Hampton, Virginia.

Alice Gaston

Is a Senior Account Executive at DCI. Previously she served as a Policy Analyst for Advocates for The Other America and Program Associate National Association for State Community Services Programs. She is currently serving as Treasurer on First Book DC.

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