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Our Story 

Hello! I’m Maram Abdelhamid, the founder and president of Liberty and Access For All (L+A). We are a trans-partisan / bipartisan nonprofit located in Washington, DC dedicated to building America’s next generation of diverse leaders. America’s demographics are changing, yet our economic opportunity is not yet equitable.

Lingering race, gender and class prejudices continue to affect hiring and promotion processes, and the current system of unpaid internships blocks entry to many political, government public policy, civil society and media careers. So I built an organization that serves as a bridge to solve the problem for both the public and private sector.

My decision to build Liberty and Access for All is not only political, it’s also personal. For everyone, 9/11 was a day of infamy. For me, it was the day that led me to Washington, DC to start a career in politics and advocacy. In the climate of fear and hate of the “other,” I still believe in the promise of America, a place where anyone who is full of grit and is brave can change the world and be successful.

It’s been 15 years since that fateful day. In that time, I’ve dedicated my life to empowering and teaching others to be active in civil society, politics and government and to access the resources and skills necessary to thrive in the competitive leadership environment.

 L+A was created because I believe there is a real need for diverse voices and leadership in Washington, DC and in all communities. Our Board of Directors are Republicans, Democrats and Independents who are committed to working together to empower, teach and connect L+A program participants to the sphere of influence in Washington, DC and beyond. Together, we believe that people representative of every political party and every demographic should be at the leadership table!


We work to increase the number of trained diverse leaders in America and the number of community service projects around the country.   We support our program participants by providing low-cost or free educational resources including training programs, mentorships and work internships.  Through alliances and partnerships, we leverage our contacts to meet our program goals.   We are a leadership incubator for the next generation of leaders who make a real, lasting and positive change.


At Liberty and Access for All we believe in an America in which every person – regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity has a place at the leadership table. Our programs and training allow our participants to break through institutional barriers and gain access to centers of influence.  Students will utilize their new skills, knowledge and tools to become leaders in their communities. Our participants will have the skills necessary to create a truly representative and innovative government and civil society that can respond effectively to the needs of All Americans.